Berlin Campus

The campus is located in Schreiberhauer Straße in the Lichtenberg district, 6km east of Berlin city centre and near the well-established Media Spree commercial centre.

Within a five-minute walk to the Ostkreuz railway station, the campus is easily accessible by the S-Bahn (local railway) as well as regional trains and buses.

The property consists of five connected building parts with eight to 13 upper floors which are used mainly for office purposes. An underground parking garage of two levels that spans across the entire property accommodates parking spaces for 432 motor vehicles. 64 additional external parking spaces are available at the entrance area and towards the rear of the property.

The property has been occupied by Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (“DRV”) since its construction in 1994 and is connected by two bridges to the neighbouring property, which is also partly occupied by DRV.

There are currently six other small retail/office tenants on the ground floor.

Key Property Data as at 31 December 2020
Year of Completion 1994
City Location Berlin, Germany
Ownership 100%
Land Tenure Freehold
Total Lettable Area 79,097 sqm
Parking Spaces 496
Occupancy 100%
Independent Valuation €226.1 million
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