Whistle Blowing

IREIT Global Group Pte. Ltd., as the Manager of IREIT, upholds the highest standards in conducting every aspect of its business. With the approval of the Board of Directors, the whistle-blowing policy that it has set in place provides an avenue for both employees and external parties to raise concerns about possible improprieties in financial reporting or other matters in good faith, with the confidence that the relevant person making the reports can rest assured that they will be treated fairly and protected from reprisal.

This policy helps create a communication network that enables all our stakeholders to report, without fear of retaliation, discrimination or adverse consequences, any wrongdoing that might have been observed on the part of employees, officers or directors during the course of their work.

Any such reports can be made by clicking here. All such communications will be reviewed by the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC), to ensure that investigations and follow-up actions are carried out, if necessary.

You can download the full whistle-blowing policy here.