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Darmstadt Campus

Located inside the TZ Rhein Main business park, about 30km south of Frankfurt, the campus is just 100m from the nearest bus stop and 1km from the Darmstadt central railway station.

The six office blocks, ranging from five to seven storeys, are linked to form a double-H shape. They offer 363 underground parking spaces, while a separate carpark 300m away has eight above-ground decks that provide another 826 spaces.

The campus meets high building standard specifications, and its office blocks can be subdivided easily into smaller units.

The development is operated as a single-tenant property – home to the second-largest Deutsche Telekom campus in Germany.

The property is well-incorporated into the overall Deutsche Telekom campus, which provides a canteen and other services in the surrounding buildings.

Key Property data as at 31/12/2016
Year of Completion 2007
Valuation €82.2 million
Land Tenure 100% Freehold
Net Lettable Area 30,371 sqm
Number of Car Park Lots 1,189
Gross Rental Income for FY2016 €5.9 million
Occupancy 100.0%