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Darmstadt Campus

Located in the prime office location TZ Rhein Main Business Park of Darmstadt, approximately 30km south of Frankfurt, the campus is a convenient 100m from the nearest bus stop and 1km from the Darmstadt central railway station.

The six 5- and 7-storey office blocks are linked to form a double-H shape and offer 363 underground parking spaces. There is also a separate car park located 300m away with eight above-ground parking decks for another 826 vehicles.

The campus meets high building standard specifications and its office blocks can be sub-divided into smaller units.

The development operates as a single-tenant property and forms the home to the second largest Deutsche Telekom campus in Germany.

The property is well-incorporated into the overall Deutsche Telekom campus which provides canteen and other services in the surrounding buildings.

Key Property data as at 31/12/2018
Year of Completion 2007
Valuation €86.4 million
Land Tenure 100% Freehold
Net Lettable Area 30,371 sqm
Number of Car Park Lots 1,189
Gross Rental Income for FY2018 €5.9 million
Occupancy 100.0%